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BOLODY builds furture!
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Linkgo Toys Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 1999,located in chenghai district of shantou city on the southeast coast of China, which is called "China Toy and Gift City".Sea, land and air transportation is convenient,is a collection of research and development, production, trade as one of the large comprehensive enterprises.
At present, our company has large-scale factories, office buildings, staff dormitories and is equipped with excellent scientific research equipment, production equipment and testing equipment,we establishes the specialized product development design organization,the mold manufacture center and the fitting center,
we have high-quality professional scientific research and management personnel, strong technical force, perfect production management system, forming a complete set of enterprise production management system.The company is an industrial company specializing in the production of mini building blocks and lego-style blocks,
with a complete and scientific quality management system. Sell all over the world, favored by customers, business is thriving.Company in line with "brave in exploitation, innovation, honesty pragmatic, customer first, quality first, the pursuit of outstanding" business philosophy, we strictly control product quality , continuous improvement innovation, 
ensure that products comply with relevant quality standards and customer requirements, with its own advantages and accurate market positioning, make the product more attractive and interesting, and get good comments from customers.
Based on honesty and equal cooperation,we are deeply trusted and praised by various businesses and consumers."Creation, technology, quality" is our slogan for the 21st century.Looking forward to the future, we are full of enthusiasm, high-spirited attitude, actively committed to the development of new products,
 comprehensively improve the level of enterprise management, build the company into a large-scale advanced technology enterprises. We sincerely invite customers at home and abroad to cooperate and develop together.

Brand Culture BOLODY builds furture!
Authorized IP introduction BOLODY builds furture!
Vegetable ElfAuthorized IP introduction
Belodi blocks and vegetable sprites jointly launch several fun products; Such as cabbage dog ice cream prints, small spicy chicken woodblock prints, and so on, the cabbage dog with its own pun, small spicy chicken, bring more fun to the product!
Wu Liu QiAuthorized IP introduction
Belodi Building Blocks co branded Wu Liuqi to produce a series of building blocks, including Wu Liuqi and Mei Hua Thirteen, Da Baoding Hair Gallery, as well as Magic Knife Thousand Blades and Mei Hua Qing Short Building Block Knives, among others. Let's break through the dimensional wall together and meet Aqi face-to-face. We will release new products in the future, stay tuned!
Teddy Bear CollectionAuthorized IP introduction
"Teddy Bear Collection" conveys love and companionship. Passing the warmth and companionship of Teddy Bear to the majority of Teddy Bear fans and followers, the beautiful meaning brings a lot of imagination. Belle Di Ji starts with Teddy's classic image, Pop, Teddy Bear, Teddy Circus Animal Series, etc., based on dream color tones, captured the characteristics of Teddy's collection of warmth!
SpongeBobAuthorized IP introduction
Belle Di Ji joint SPONGEBOB produced sponge baby series building blocks. SpongeBob is a good, generous, friendly, and reliable good person. Through the building block, he showed his teeth with his teeth, as well as a very expressive face and body, and made a realistic shape and in line with his anime image. The building block version of SpongeBob has a high degree of reduction, revealing the characteristics of the cute and friendly of SpongeBob
Crayon XiaoxinAuthorized IP introduction
Xiaoxin is a little boy who is only 5 years old and is studying in kindergarten. His family lived in the outskirts of Haruki City. Initially, Xiaoxin and his father Guangzhi and his mother Misimi formed a three -person family. Later, Xiaobai was added, and with the story of the story, the new member of the younger sister Nodhara was added. The naughty and cute crayons are welcomed by children and children. Beledi building blocks and crayons work together to create products across borders. Animal Series, Professional & Travel World Series, Family Partner Series, etc., enter the market with cute winds, which is not difficult, suitable for novice in the building blocks!
GarfieldAuthorized IP introduction
Belledi Blocks launched the Garfield Micro Granules Block series. In 2021, the first 6 Garfield building blocks were produced, which reflected the Garfield lazy element on each building block. The classic fork waist standing position Garfield also gave a thumbs up. It seems that it is also very satisfied with the building block shape! The building block particles use environmentally friendly ABS plastic. It is safe and no smell. Through the interesting assembly process, the GARFIELD building block is completed step by step! Can get a small sense of accomplishment!
TokidokiAuthorized IP introduction
Tokidoki symbolizes a cute, happy and innocent world. It is an imaginative universe and a colony of dreams. Every Tokidoki is telling a "hope". Everyone who joins the world adheres to ideals and enthusiasm, continues to move forward, waiting for a good moment to come. Bellyda building blocks and Tokidoki entered this dream world together. There are a total of 14 models produced in this series. The dreamy and colorful cloud parties are underway ...
TankerAuthorized IP introduction
Ari, the domestic popular anime image, cute, warm, childish, has always believed in fairy tales. Baldi used this as a starting point, expressed the image of Aju to the real image in the real image, and was loved by consumers for a time! "Ari, the first beauty, dedicated to people who still believe in fairy tales." With this as the purpose, he created a variety of lovely Aju blocks, including Aju's girlfriend peach, special forces Aju, and so on. Welcome to the country of Aju's dream!
DucklingAuthorized IP introduction
Belle Di Ji has obtained the authentic authorization of B.Duck Little Yellow Duck, and launched a small yellow duck microphone block series, which reflects the "Be Playful" element on each building block. The cuteness of the duckling duck is presented through the building block particles. Not only are the cute B.Duck, Pinky, the current popular national tide wake -up lion ducky duck, but also the duckling duck around the world series. Through the interesting assembly process, the duckling duck is assembled step by step! The building block particles use environmentally friendly ABS plastic, and you can rest assured that you can play without worry!
DoraemonAuthorized IP introduction
The Doraemon's Doraemon's Doraemon series of Doraemon series has been loved by consumers since its listing. The four -dimensional pocket of "Blue Fat" often brings us a lot of surprises and imagination. Doraemon is divided into several series: Doraemon family, Doraemon twelve constellations, Doraemon New Year series, Doraemon Halloween series and so on. The classic signature smile, the classic sitting position of Doraemon building blocks, the classic blue, and microphone portrayal, which achieves a cute Doraemon.
Corporate Style BOLODY builds furture!